Bloodstains & Shattered Glass

...the perscription is here, but the evil lives

Suzahiru-Ando Miko

Name: Miko Suzahiru-Andou [KaЯRma.x.Mimegumi]
Personal LJ: nelly_d
Birthday: 01.05.88
Blood Type: acidic
Siblings: older half sister | younger brother & younger half sister
Status: married single
Strengths: friendly, decently outgoing, versatile, energetic, good sense of humor, entertainer, good with money, dedicated, clever, independent
Weaknesses: lazy, procrastinator, shy, soft spoken, creepy, manipulative, perfectionist, egotistical [at times]
Hobbies: basketball, writing, role playing, video/computer games, drawing [occasionally], graphics, web design, baking, nail design


neon purple
JRock Artists/Bands: Miyavi, Dir en grey, Vidoll, Pierrot, SID...
Anime: Trigun, Kuroshitsuji, Cowboy Bebop, Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex, Case Closed...
Manga: Tramps Like Us, Battle Royale, Crazy Love Story, The Ring, Hot Gimmick...
Movies: Nightmare on Elm Street, Bruce Almighty, Save the Last Dance, Strange Circus, Finding Nemo...
Video/Computer Games: Tomb Raider, Tekken, Dance Dance Revolution, Tony Hawk's Underground, The Sims 2...

Beyond these words, there's many secrets to reveal...

Here's a list of fic claims I made:

+ 12_fics - Hwoarang [Tekken]
+ 50stories - Asagi [D] x Shinya [Dir en grey]
+ jfetish_15 - Kirito x Kyo
+ smut_69 - Reita x Uruha [the GazettE]

Here are the comms. I mod:

+ 7xdeadlyxsins - my au jrock rp
+ club_charming - my au asian entertainment rp
+ gazeguitar_rabu - my reita x uruha x aoi comm.
+ xjrock_lovex - my non-au jrock rp
+ neo_circus - my music rotation
+ plumbobstandard - graphic sharing

Here are the comms. I co-mod:

+ inner_cosmos - mika's non-au asain music rp

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